Prendre soin du corps et de l’âme selon la tradition indienne de l’Ayurveda

Authentic Ayurvedic Massage by an Indian practitioner in Orange and Avignon, France


Discover the authentic Ayurvedic massage of traditional India, in the heart of Vaucluse.

Originally from Udaipur, Rajasthan, where I used to live surrounded by travelers coming from all parts of the world, I ran a small guest house and started giving oil massages to my guests. I came to live in France in 2016 and after a few years, supplemented my knowledge and intuitive practice of ayurvedic massage by following training with an Indian master in Ayurvedic massages.

I welcome you in my massage offices in Orange, all the week long, and every Friday in Avignon.

The massages I practice are derived from traditional techniques learned with this Indian master, cultural and familial transmission, and an innate sensitivity.

Well-being, harmony, relaxation, relief from physical pain, muscle tension, letting go, sleep : all achieved through deep massage work with warm oils.

You will also find in my place beautiful gift voutchers to offer well-being, comfort, generous care to your friends and loved ones.

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Johar Khan INDIAN MASSAGE massages ayurvediques et bien-être à Orange et Avignon
Indian Massage - massage ayurvedique et bien-être à Orange 84100 par un indien originaire du Rajasthan

Ayurvedic Indian Massages  

Gentle, deep and generous massages from the Indian tradition of Ayurveda to reconnect with yur body, the feeling of well-being, to release tension, relax muslces, alleviate pain and live in the moment. These massages are both relaxing ans energizing, each with its own specific actions:

Abhyanga is a massage lasting one hour and half, covering the entire body with warm oils. It is a treatment deeply rooted in Indian tradition, profoundly relaxing, erasing fatigue, revitalizing the body ans the soul. It also contributes to maintain everyday health and balance.*

Shiro is an invigirating massage, typically Indian, focusing on the head and shoulders. It is performed while seated and plunges you into a state of deep relaxation, both physically and mentally, bringing many improvements to stress, sleep problems and mental well-being.*

Pada abhyanga instantly gives you a sensation of light legs ann stimulates blood circulation.*

*There are contraindications to massage for certain conditions, illness and symptoms: it is important to discuss these before booking a session.

Authentic Ayurvedic Massage by an Indian practitioner in Orange and Avignon, France


Duration and prices of the massages

Shiro : 30 minutes / 30€

Seated massage for the head, neck, upper back and shoulders with or without coconut oil. This treatment provides deep relaxation, letting go and a beautiful energy. Over the course of sessions, it helps rebalance the nervous system and reduce headaches, migraines, sleep problems, stress and tension.
(Available only in Orange)

Abhyanga : 1h30 / 70€

Full-boody massage with warm oils. This treatment erases fatigues, revitalizes the body, harmonize body, mind and soul, and contributes to maintaining health ans a good everyday balance. It has also a circulatory system drainage action, relaxing muscles ans relieving everyday pain. For physical and emotional well-being.

Complete treatment Abhyanga + Shiro : 2h / 90€
A session of deep relaxation and renewal, to bring you great well-being.

Pada abhyanga : 40 minutes / 45€

Leg massage with oil, intensely relaxing, to erase fatigue and leg pain.

Shiro massage for businesses : 10 to 20 minute per person, anti-stress, energizing, clears the mind. Massage within the company, seated, clothed, focusing on the upper back, neck, shoulders and head. Provides instant well-being, stress relief, restores energy and vitality.
Information and quotes upon request.

Gift voutchers

If you are looking for a comforting gift to bring joy, warmth and well-being to your frineds and loved ones, a assage is a lovely idea! Indian Massage brings the art of Indian-style massage, following the ancestral tradition of Ayurveda, practiced by an Indian. It is a direct journey to the land of spices ans ancient wisdom, right near you in the heart of Avignon or Orange !

Beautiful gift voutchers are available, in high quality paper and envelopes adorned with the vibrant colors of India. magnifiques bons cadeau sont disponibles, dans une enveloppe de qualité, aux belles couleurs de l’Inde. 

Order your voutchers directly by calling Johar: +33 6 16 17 35 27

Bon cadeau Indian Massage
Offrez un massage ayurvédique indien pour les fêtes ou un anniversaire !


Where can you find me?

  • The main office is located in Orange (84), 977 avenue de Verdun (RN 7 towards Avignon)
    on appointment, all the week long except Friday,
    Several free parking spaces are available directly on site.

  • Centre Raspail, 9 Boulevard Raspail, 84000 Avignon (near the train station and the city walls, behind the main post office), every Friday on appointment.
To locate the offices, please visit the Contact page. Here is the to find all the links to the various social networks ans the Google pages.
Indian Massage - massage ayurvedique et bien-être à Orange 84100 par un indien originaire du Rajasthan
Indian Massage - massages ayurvediques et bien-être Avignon


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